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A franchise (i.e., a franchise outlet) operated under the business method of franchising: the licensing of trademarks and methods of doing business.

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Franchise FUTSAL Sports Planet Indonesia

Written by v3 on 11.05

Set up your FUTSAL Venue fast!
Profitable Franchise. Fast Growing.

Sports Planet began its services in November 2002, responding to a need for good futsal venues, services and facilities in Malaysia. Sports Planet (Subang Jaya) was our first outlet.

As the number of futsal enthusiasts grew, so did our determination to continously offer the Ultimate Futsal Experience via specific emphasis on facilities & services at an affordable price, as well as the experience one takes home after every futsal game.


Sports Planet is the largest and most experienced futsal operator in Malaysia, and we are more than able to share with you our vast experience, know-hows, marketing and brand communications. With our first futsal venue in Pluit, Jakarta already opened (officially opened in Jan 2006) and operating successfully, we are planning to open a total of 20 venues all across Indonesia! We`re absolutely serious about looking for FRANCHISE INVESTORS like YOU. These are some reasons why you should join us:

1. Sports Planet is Malaysia’s LEADING FUTSAL brand that operate 10 separate FUTSAL venues in Malaysia and 1 FUTSAL venue in Indonesia. This makes Sports Planet the largest indoor soccer venue operator in South East Asia.

2. Sports Planet has more than 4 YEARS EXPERIENCE in the futsal business. All this MONEY CANT BUY knowledge and experience will be shared with you ensuring a fluent and rapid progression towards running a successful futsal business - the way it should be!

3. Together with Sports Planet, you can be assured that setting up your futsal business and adopting our PROVEN SYSTEM will mean less risk, at a much cheaper cost, with minimal operational hiccups, strong profits, knowledge transfer, full training support, full marketing reach, and greater SUCCESS.

4. Sports Planet also focuses on PROGRESSIVE OPERATIONAL IMPROVEMENTS. Through the years, Sports Planet has compiled and collected a wealth of information about the business from simply preparing a pro forma to handling large scale multi-level advertising and promotions. We do everything possible to realize The ULTIMATE Futsal Experience. So, join us today!

Please contact us at:
Hendry Cheah (Franchise Manager)
(New Address) 103, Jalan Ara, Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +603-2093 5795 | Fax: +603-2093 5794


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