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A franchise (i.e., a franchise outlet) operated under the business method of franchising: the licensing of trademarks and methods of doing business.

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Franchise Apotek K-24

Written by v3 on 04.54

Founded : 2002
Franchise since : 2004
Outlet Number : 14
Investment: Rp. 600.000.000,-
Royalti Fee : 12 % dari omset
Marketing Fee : 0,3 %

Apotek K-24 build by dr. Gideon Hartono on 24 Octobers 2002 in Yogyakarta, K-24 x'self is abbreviation of komplet 24 hours. komplet its drug and open 24 hours one day during the year, outlet firstly is build in Jl. Magelang to get remarkable greeting causing is build the next outlet on 24 maret 2003 in Jl. Gejayan and date of 24 Augusts 2003 outlet three build in Jl. Kaliurang and in the year 2004 apotek k-24 opens third outlet in Jl. Gondomanan and fourth outlet in building in Kota Semarang in Jl. Gajah Mada

On 6 April 2005 Apotek K-24 gets appreciation from Museum Rekor Indonesia ( MURI) as “ First Chain Pharmacy in Indonesia which open 24 hours Non Stop every day"

Because the success is finally in the year 2005 apotek K-24 starts in franchise and at its(the anniversary which to 3 ( three) Apotek K-24 opens at a timely 7 new outlet, 4 outlet location in Surabaya, 2 outlet in Yogyakarta and 1 outlet in Semarang, at the same also MURI gives appreciation to return for " apotek Indonesia original that is first is franchise", and " opening of outlet apotek is many".


Franchise Ayam Bakar Wong Solo

Written by v3 on 04.12

Wong Solo provides Franchise / Waralaba in Restaurant industry, especially at Chicken Restaurant.

Wong Solo give Franchise license for 10 years (hak waralaba) with the package :
1. Package A Rp. with 200 seats capacity
2. Package B Rp. 800.000.000 with 150 seats capacity
3. Package C Rp. 600.000.000 with 125 seats capacity
4. Package D Rp. 400.000.000 with around 80 seats capacity
5. Package E Rp. 50.000.000 (kaki lima)

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Franchise Campina Ice Cream

Written by v3 on 04.09

Founded : 1970 Industry : Beverages
Website :
Contact : PT. Campina Waralaba
Phone : 021 - 863 2771 2773 Fax : 021 - 863 2771 2773
E-mail :
Address : Gedung Multipiranti Graha Lt.2 Jl Raden Inten II/2 13440
Estimated Investment : Rp. 4 Million

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Franchise Klenger Burger

Written by v3 on 04.06

The idea of Klenger Burger comes up when Velly and Gatut Cahyadi as a founder interested in the different taste of grill’d burger. Their grill’d experience is watching the delicious, made-to-order burgers being cooked on the flame grill and ‘dressed’ with fresh ingredients. With the grill’d experience Klenger Burger born as “The Real Grill Burger Ever”.
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Franchise Veneta System Cartridge Refill Center in Indonesia

Written by v3 on 04.04

VENETA SYSTEM well known as the best and most popular Cartridge Refill Center in Indonesia. System Veneto was the first in Indonesia to promote the activity interesting to be connected regeneration of inkjet and toner cartridges for all types of printers. He managed to conceptualing and application of a franchise is advocated since the beginning of 2003.Read More


Franchise JCo Donuts

Written by v3 on 03.45

J. CO Donuts is a retailer of specialty bakery in Indonesia donuts and coffee. The company is owned and managed by Johnny Andrean, a famous Indonesian hairdresser.

J. CO Donuts & Coffee began trading in 2005. Its most popular product is the "Al Capone". Named after the American gangster, it is a ring doughnut makes smooth, light and dough topped with Belgian white chocolate and almonds from California - a concoction J. CO introduced to Indonesia. Besides doughnuts, J. CO is the mixture of Arabica coffee beans grown in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Indonesia and roasted in Italy.
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Franchise Opportunity: Bakso Malang Kota cak eko

Written by v3 on 03.14

Founded : 2006
Industry : Food / Bakso
Website :
Contact : Cak Eko
Phone : 021 - 93846527, 081703175970 Fax : 021 - 93846527
E-mail :
Address : Jl. Raya Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta Timur, Indonesia.
Estimated Investment : Under Rp. 100 Million
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Franchise Kebab Turki BabaRafi

Written by v3 on 02.50

Baba Rafi Indonesia | Franchise business Kebab Turki Baba Rafi are special middle eastern food franchise, with relatively low start up cost and growing market. Franchisor believes that kebab fast food which is nutritiuos and delicious, will be advantageous for their partner, with projection of return of investment for about less than a year.
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Bisnis Franchise 2008

Written by v3 on 02.46

Franchise Indonesia
Pameran Franchise, Bisnis & Peluang Usaha yang diadakan di 5 kota besar di Indonesia. ... Majalah Info Franchise Indonesia menyelengarakan sebuah forum akbar yang ...

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Franchise BreadTalk

Written by v3 on 01.59

At BreadTalk, we are totally committed to quality, innovation and customer service. Backed by our strong brand, successful retail concept and our shared commitment to continually whip up delicious range of breads that make your day, our franchisees will share rewarding careers while making a real difference to the people in their communities.

Founded : 2004
Industry : Food
Website :
Contact : BreadTalk Waralaba
Phone : (65) 6285 6116 Fax : (65) 6285 1661
E-mail :
Address : 171 kampong ampat, #05-01 to 06 k.a foodlink, singapore 368330
Estimated Investment : Rp. 4.5 Billion
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